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Hindus are the only ones of the major world religious traditions whose discourse is defined and dictated by outsiders to the tradition; the academic discourse about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and, to an extent, Buddhism, has been shaped largely by the mainstream voices from within the tradition with academic freedom to create controversial views at the fringes. Did we create set milestones with timelines? But unity requires that we must care for the whole. This hullaballoo over plagiarism is just a fig leaf for a deeper fundamental problem that these scholars have with Malhotra and other practitioner-scholars. For example, one of the main backers of the petition who has taken to Twitter wars over it, is Richard Fox Young, an Afro-Dalit activist at the Princeton Theological Seminary (which is simply named after the town of Princeton and has no association with Princeton University) who works closely with John Dayal. The penance would be burning oneself with one’s own hands. So many of them will die at your hand. You are Vedantists, you are very orthodox, are you not? Leadership has been on my mind lately. Is this what we have come to, to prize jeans and t-shirts over the traditional sari and dhoti, to see beef-eating as secular and progressive, to feel shame at the beauty and power of our ways of worship, to esteem ourselves based on how well we mimic the norms and customs of alien lands? Non-vegetarian is prohibited in most of the temples, but there is evidence for non-vegetarian food – offerings to Goddess Kali include animals such as goats or roosters, which are slaughtered in the temple precincts and offered. That makes us mostly ineffectual. Now this seems, therefore, to be the great point of difference between the dualist and the Advaitist. When interpreted in light of the yugadharma of the age of the Ramayana, it is clear that every action of Rama was flawless and he followed the maryada of the yugadharma. It is the fourth Anga or limb of Ashtanga Yoga. After that came degradation in art, in science, in religion, in everything, national degradation. We must let go of our inferiority complex about that which makes Hinduism different and unique. The stillness and serenity of sattva is all too easy to confuse with the lazy inertia of tamas. It is actually quite difficult to tell what it is that Ganesh means—in the beginning of the review, he disavows the death of Sanskrit but then are so many other places like this, where he suggests that Sanskrit is simply a means to an end, to be transcended, and therefore perhaps dispensable, that it is impossible to come up with a cogent, coherent critique out of these pages and pages of writing that could be considered constructive criticism. This is not some myth or superstition or a relic from patriarchal oppression. They believe in a still higher phase of this Personal God, which is personal-impersonal. Where are the four castes today in this country? If the splendour of a thousand suns were to blaze out at once in the sky, such would be the splendour of this Krishna. What can they teach if they have no realisation? Similarly she started chewing the charioteer along with horses terribly with her teeth. Whenever they want to quote a Shruti, they mean the Upanishads. We have to be ready to turn the tables. Without a clearly formulated strategic policy agenda, how effective can any Hindu advocacy or lobbying group be? It is rather a tale of pathos, tragedy, and sympathy for the plight of both Sita and Rama. The day that we stand united as a block, as brothers and sisters, that day itself our enemies will be defeated; that is the day our dreams will be achieved. There are various sentences which declare the utter helplessness of the senses, but they did not stop there; they fell back upon the internal nature of man, they went to get the answer from their own soul, they became introspective; they gave up external nature as a failure, as nothing could be done there, as no hope, no answer could be found; they discovered that dull, dead matter would not give them truth, and they fell back upon the shining soul of man, and there the answer was found. As I have told you, the soul is already pure and perfect, and it is, according to the Vedanta, covered up by Rajas and Tamas particles. There is an initiative on now in India to develop 100 smart cities. Here again he takes an escapist approach: “Malhotra’s pseudo-logic is like the trap of Nyaya that later advaitis fell victim to. Mr. Malhotra’s accusers in this matter are being unreasonable and grossly unfair, to put it mildly.​”[1]. We had better attend to that a little more now. But with all that, the Karma Kanda of the Vedas has almost disappeared from India. But they do not have the intellectual integrity or courage to stand up in debate with their critics. That is nothing new to us. He showed how an axis of forces from the West has been using these ideas to foment separatism within India in attempts to break up India. 2 talking about this. Sometimes He is your friend again, and sometimes He castigates you like a father would a misbehaving son. One would think this is a relatively straightforward, noncontroversial statement. Basically, it is a defensive tactic or scheme embedded in a company’s governance documents that protects it from being taken over by another company. The tongue and the lips did not play any part nor perhaps did the eyes; heart spoke to heart. He has single-handedly and courageously challenged a coterie of Western Indologists and associated forces bent on denigrating Indic traditions and denying the national and civilizational unity of India and Hinduism. That is what brings qualification to teach and be an authority on Hinduism. When Malhotra talks about the traditional view in the context of this book, he is not picking one of the darshanas as being the right and only one; he is speaking to a unity of thought behind all of the darshanas that bind them together and differentiate them from Western ways. … In the battle for Sanskrit, Rajiv Malhotra is like an enthusiastic commander of a committed army whose strengths and weaknesses he himself is sadly unable to reconcile.”. Increasing the frequency of such perfect moments is the work of sadhana or spiritual practice. Hinduism is an intensely personal religion with tremendous variety according to region, ethnicity, sampradaya and parampara. Manu, and the Puranas, and all the other books are to be taken so far as they agree with the authority of the Upanishads, and when they disagree they are to be rejected without mercy. In That we are all one. Each and every doubt you ever harboured, each uncertainty that gives you pause, you begin to question and you cannot stop. What is the analogy Bhagawan uses to illustrate this defect? She killed one Asura catching hold of his hair, another catching his throat, another by kicking with her leg and another by pressing his chest. Fortunately for us, Hegelianism was nipped in the bud and not allowed to sprout and cast its baneful shoots over this motherland of ours. In this sense Ramanuja sometimes thinks that God is one with the soul, the essence of the soul, and these souls — at the time of Pralaya, when the whole of nature becomes what he calls Sankuchita, contracted — become contracted and minute and remain so for a time. Very little of our life today is bound and regulated by the orders of the Karma Kanda of the Vedas. Take that most marvellous Upanishad, the Katha. The critique is meant as a call to action to develop a strong coterie of traditional scholars who can take this battle forward. Clarity of vision is what we lack the most, and it is clarity of vision that is the bedrock of strong leadership. Even a pandit in the Dharmic tradition has to go through very rigorous training in the traditional ways. As Dr. Swamy has informed us, according to UNESCO, India is the only country having unbroken continuing civilization out of the 46 civilizations of the world. It breaks the continuity of tradition from our ancestors thousands of years ago, as passed down generation to generation, linking us to our ancient rishis and forefathers who first had revelation of these divine forms. How can it be that we have no other well-funded and professionally managed institutions, no properly set up trusts, to act as custodians for our core texts? This Vedanta, the philosophy of the Upanishads, I would make bold to state, has been the first as well as the final thought on the spiritual plane that has ever been vouchsafed to man. If these nefarious schemes are allowed to succeed unimpeded, if this stranglehold over academia by this mafia of leftist scholars continues unchecked, no pro-India /pro-Hindu scholar will have a strong voice in academia or the mainstream media. The world is greater than the non-world, Samsâra is greater than salvation. Do you know the penance for that? When we worship Ma Durga during these nine days and nights, it is no dry ritual, no symbolic offering. The most important force we have to unleash in Hindu society is our women as Hinduism has never seen women as weak. This latest attack on Malhotra is being timed to coincide with his forthcoming book, which will show how the language and traditions connected with Sanskrit are being attacked by a cohort of leftist Indologists who are attempting to de-link Sanskrit from its Hindu spiritual and religious roots by characterizing Sanskrit as a language of political oppression used by kings to maintain their power. It is one of the prasthana traya, the trio of Hindu texts that are the foundation of Vedanta—the Upanishads for Revelation (Shruti-prasthana), the Bhagavad Gita for Remembrance (Smriti-prasthana) and the Brahma Sutras for Reason (Nyaya-prasthana). They all agree in this, and they also all agree in one other most vital point, which alone marks characteristically, most prominently, most vitally, the difference between the Indian and the Western mind, and it is this, that everything is in the soul. Naivedya (Sanskrit: नैवेद्य) is a Sanskrit word meaning 'offering to God' in the stricter sense of the words. The word originates from the Sanskrit antar, meaning “interior” or “within,” and karana, meaning “sense organ” or “cause.” meaning “sense organ” or “cause.” And so you turn to Sri Krishna, and you say that you do not want any of this, that you cannot bear to kill these people, that nothing good can come of it for anyone. Then and then alone one finds out the truth of that grand old teaching. Hence the great temple of Kamakhya that reveres Devi in menstruation. She ate some of them and severely others. The next point, which all the sects in India believe in, is God. A celebrated Sanskrit shloka proclaims, yatha bhumis tatha toyam, yatha bijam tathankurah / yatha deshas tatha bhasha, yatha raja tatha praja (As the land so the [ground] water; as the seed so the sprout; as the region [country] so the language; as the king so the people). It is good to publish books glorifying one’s guru and lineage history, but is it right that hundreds of such books are proliferating today and yet we do not have any good English translations of the 18 Mahapuranas and our Itihasas? Even if, for the sake of argument, we do take into account the interpolation of the Uttara Kanda as part of the Ramayana, the story of Sita’s banishment cannot be read to be sexist or oppressive. Rajiv Malhotra has been a ground-breaking thinker and writer on matters related to Hinduism and Indian civilization for decades now. He senses this, too, that philosophy will no longer work. I cook for myself so have no choice but to cook during those days, but even the quality of the food is different–not just the taste, but the psychic quality of it. fathers) of children — unclad, ill-fed, miserable children. And talent is not just about who can program code faster, who can run a project efficiently, or who has the best credentials. He is the best among men who scrupulously observed and honoured the relevant ethics, customs and mores of the society in which he lived.

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