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Appleton Sweets is passionate about bringing the American fizzy drinks experience to the UK, without the inflated prices. The fermented molasses is distilled into raw spirit. Jamaican who wants to see the world, starting with her home country! Add Lipton Brisk Ice Tea. Please be aware of the current rules & regulations of food labelling for American products as well as our updated best before date policy stated in our terms and conditions. If the drink is too strong for one's liking, use ice for an "on the rocks" version. Discover American soft drinks and fizzy beverages from the likes of Dr Browns, Fanta and Hershey’s. Throw in 265 years of distilling experience using 100% copper stills, and it's not surprising you've got the recipe for Canada's number one selling amber rum. Add Spices if desired. The brand is fiercely committed to tropical barrel aging, which means the rum ages three times faster than spirits aged in cooler climates, without losing any of the flavour. After your hard work with the help of a partner pushing at the opposite end, you and everyone present may reap the rewards by sampling a cup of pure, strained cane juice. Appleton Estate is Canada’s number one selling amber rum. And most importantly, it never adds any flavours.

Appleton Estate dilutes its molasses with the natural limestone-filtered water from the spring on the estate. The barrels impart a complexity and depth of flavour. Like Paz, you’ll get additional exercise by using an outdated machine to crush cane and extract ~63% of its juice. Again, both brands have a huge variety of flavours, from pink lemonade to grape. Full-time digital marketer. Every rum is blended by experts, and every barrel is personally selected by Master Blender Joy Spence and her team. Or relish the refreshing taste of Fanta. She holds Appleton Estate to the highest standards, which is reflected in the popularity of the brand's rums around the world. Never tried American soda drinks before? These particular cuts are developed by, and are unique to, each rum producer, and each rum marque has its own flavour. Jamaica takes its rum very seriously, with strict rules about minimum aging to ensure all the rum in your bottle is at least as old as the age stated on the label – an initiative that was supported by Appleton Estate's very own master blender Joy Spence. A guide to Appleton Estate Rum: the spirit of Jamaican excellence With a rich history and a pioneering spirit, Appleton Estate has earned its place as a world-leading maker of rum. Amongst the rolling hills of the Nassau Valley in St. Elizabeth is a sugar cane plantation ground that hosts the Appleton Rum Tour Experience. After collecting an armband at the front desk, what better way is there to be welcomed than with a glass filled with a rum cocktail? This section provides an insight at what an aspect of rum production in the 17th century looked like ahead of the modern-day factory process which ensures no part of the sugar cane goes to waste. Natural limestone-filtered water from the spring on the estate, Appleton Estate cultivates more than ten varieties of sugarcane, The rum is aged by marque in Number One American Oak Bourbon barrels. Enjoy our food experience, We don't just make food, We make people's experience. Appleton Estate filters its rums to keep them brilliant and pure for as long as they're bottled. Appleton Sweets is passionate about bringing the American fizzy drinks experience to the UK, without the inflated prices. Appleton Estate cultivates more than ten varieties of sugarcane, giving the rums a distinctive, complex flavour. You’re in for a proper treat. Stocking them in your store allows you to cater to American expats, as well as curious Brits. which is given as a small token. Posted by Jhunelle J | Jul 3, 2018 | What to Do | 2 |. We stock heaps of products in our ever-growing range of authentic American soda brands. The rum is aged by marque in Number One American Oak Bourbon barrels, with each marque left to mature for different amounts of time in Jamaica's tropical climate. Can’t wait to visit since Appleton Estate Rum is my rum of choice. To top off the experience, an appropriate ending is found in the Tasting Room which is set up with a series of long tables, stools, and spirits. At the Molasses Station, a stirring pot of syrup byproduct aka ‘wet sugar’ will be revealed. What's more, this year saw Appleton Estate release its new minimum age variants. The Stormy Valley is a mix of Appleton Signature Blend Rum, ginger beer (find a homemade recipe here), lime juice, and Angostura on ice, packed with just enough punch to arouse your senses ahead of what’s to come. After 265 years of making premium rum, it's safe to say Appleton Estate has the distilling process down to an art, watching over each and every step to make sure it meets their exacting standards – and it's worth it. As you pass the craft items and local crops on display at the community vending area, a peacock or 3 may stroll across the site to greet you before you’re able to set foot inside the welcome lounge. For tasting notes of some of Appleton's best rums and how to use them in cocktails, check out our gallery above.

Joy Spence trained as a chemist before she became the world's first female master blender when she took the reins at Appleton Estate in 1997 – so it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about seriously good rum.

Appleton Estates Jamaican Rum into a large glass or mug. Our American soda shop caters for everyone, from those looking to try Homer Simpson’s beverage of choice, ‘ Duff’ for the first time, to American expats living in the UK and Europe, who crave a … Filtering through natural limestone gives the water a sweet, soft taste. The formal Appleton rum tour experience begins with a brief introduction of Ms. Spence, before leading patrons to a dark Movie Theatre for a 7-minute visually insightful and captivating presentation on rum production in the heart of Jamaica. Grab a spoon and collect a dripping glob of face-tightening sweetness for sampling. That’s why your range will look so much more interesting with some of these additions.

The rum is produced on the Appleton Estate, which sits in the Nassau Valley in Jamaica. Here’s my preview: Comment your favourite rum cocktail (or rum brand) below. Appleton & Sons Limited 17 Towcester Road, Bow, London, E3 3ND Phone No: 0207 515 7101 Company No: 568726 VAT No: 248 0250 79.

Aside from American fizzy drinks, we also stock a delicious selection of American grocery, chocolate, hard candy, soft candy as well as seasonal candy, perfect for anyone who wants to bring a bit of America to the UK. All reviews signature drink fantastic drinks happy hour snowball landmark decor ave festive college yum mature endlesshavoc wrote a review Mar 2020 Appleton, Wisconsin 26 contributions 6 helpful votes The samples don’t stop there! This term refers to the individual pot and column still rums created during the distillation process. It's not surprising that 2018 saw Appleton Estate named its new tour in her honour.

You can read more about this process overleaf. The wait time for the next tour varies, but free refills are there to keep you occupied the whole way! Each station has 3 covered glasses of samples with different ages and distinct flavours, and a complementary bottle of Wata to cleanse your palette between tastings. vat)*. Welcome drinks are refillable until your tour begins, Photography & videography not allowed in the distillery, Blue Ridge: Blue Mountains Cottages Blissful Escape, Akashi Guesthouses: Portland Jamaica Private Island.

You have no items in your shopping basket! The signature drink is appropriately named ‘Stormy Valley’, presumably after the sometimes unforgivable weather conditions prone to the lush area (we got a bigger preview than desired). Part-time tourist. Appleton Estate combines traditional copper pot still and modern column still distillation, and the unique shape of the copper pot stills imparts Appleton Estate's signature orange peel top note.

This was my drink of choice while vacationing in Jamaica and I love their dark, Appleton Rum.You really don’t even need to wait until you are entertaining to mix a batch of this up. In 2005, Spence was awarded the Order of Distinction of in the Rank of Officer by the Jamaican government for her services to the industry. Pour 2 oz. The signature drink is appropriately named ‘Stormy Valley’, presumably after the sometimes unforgivable weather conditions prone to the lush area (we got a bigger preview than desired). All this, right before the ultimate venue photo op! The stairs to the Panoramic View Tower provides an aerial look of a portion of the 11,400-acre land, bordered by cone-shaped mountains, lush greenery, and limestone –filtered water, which all play significant roles in the taste of the Appleton Rum you know today. Just half the recipe or stick it in a pitcher and then A wise man once asked, “why is the rum always gone?” and I truly believe the answer is … because we drank it all (here, and at a rum tour in St. Catherine) .

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