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Store & Shipping Policies Affiliate Program Contact FAQ. Chakra Chocolate Truffles Gift Box. The dark chocolate ganache is infused with cinnamon and vanilla then hand dipped in creamy milk chocolate topped with cocoa and cinnamon. Hours. Customers also viewed. One of our best selling items. MAYA MOON Co. Naturale Drinking Chocolate. $34.95. Truffles are by far the most decadent confection we make. Truly cannot recommend highly enough. $9.99 : Quantity: Deliciously spiced with ancho, chipotle and pasilla chilies are blended with cinnamon, dark muscavado sugar, corn meal and 65% Venezuelan dark chocolate. Some have described it as a sophisticated snickerdoodle and others as an ode to Ek Chuah, the Mayan Warming cinnamon and real vanilla create a truly unique and satisfying truffle. The Mayans. Chaga chai adaptogen TRUFFLES GIFT BOX. Cacao Ceremony Kit - Single Serving . It’s about connection to yourself and the world and energy around you, about taking time to release and relax and indulge. Amy's truffles are handmade with a smooth, rich chocolate ganache center that are then dipped twice in more chocolate! Chocolate Truffles - 16 Piece Assortment. They’re thoughtfully sourced, consciously and intuitively made, and about so much more than just the chocolate. LAVENDER ROSE TRUFFLES GIFT BOX . Abundance and connection—receive special offers and exclusive invitations to upcoming events … Bourbon & Smoked Sea Salt Truffles Gift Box. “ Maya Moon Co.’s chocolate truffles are by far the best chocolates I’ve ever had. https://tastykitchen.com/recipes/desserts/mayan-chocolate-truffles MOON TRUFFLES GIFT BOX. Guatemala is touted as the birthplace of chocolate, with the Mayans worshiping the cacao tree and calling chocolate the “food of the gods.” This ancient civilization also revered chocolate for its aphrodisiac qualities, with Moctezuma apparently consuming absurd amounts of the food to enhance his sexual stamina. Chocolate Truffles This category has a variety of truffle boxes to choose from. Chocolate Truffles - 27 Piece Assortment. Mayan Drinking Chocolate. $9.99.

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