farc attacks

The Farc say that everyone who joined them did so voluntarily. November 19: One soldier killed by FARC guerrillas in Planadas, Tolima. January 22: Guerrilla attack in El Tambo, Norte de Santander, leaves two policemen wounded. June 29: FARC attack on a major highway in Antioquia linking Medellín to Cartagena leaves one police major dead and four officers wounded. • Palace of Justice (1985), • Patriotic Union Party extermination Also missing was a French journalist working for, May 15: FARC attack on a highway close to, May 16: 3 policemen wounded due to FARC attack in. In October 2000 FARC attacked and raided the town of Dabeida, killing 54 Colombian Army and Police. June 13: FARC guerrillas attack police in. VideoThe man who feeds hundreds of parrots every day, Student ‘blown away’ by Mars footage. The action took place hours after the air force had bombed a presumed guerrilla camp in the area. Colombia is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world. July 28: Presumed FARC guerrillas fire mortars at police station in Santander de Quilichao, Cauca. The soldiers were ambushed with landmines. May 30: FARC guerrillas rob a money transport in Cauca and kill 1 policeman. September 25: One soldier wounded as guerrillas from the. July 31: One soldier killed and one more wounded due to FARC attack in Cauqetá. January 29: Presumed FARC members attack police station in the Meta Department with a 'horse-bomb'. May 22: 1 policeman dead and another wounded due to FARC attack near Popayán, Cauca. October 23: Another 10 soldiers killed, this time in Arauca, eastern Colombia, as their platoon was intercepted by several FARC groups from the 10th Front. September 14: FARC guerrillas, reportedly from the 34th Front, attack police patrol escorting a politician, leaving one person wounded. To safeguard the talks and possibly avoid a political defeat, Santos will likely try to speed up progress toward a preliminary peace deal with the rebels before the election. December 7: FARC guerrillas from the 13th Front ambush a police patrol in Caquetá, leaving four policemen wounded. [3] Other dissidents hide in the mountains north of Medellín. Named Augusto Cesar Pareja Lopéz. FARC is considered a terrorist group by the Colombian government, the United States Department of State, Canada and the European Union. April 4: Five soldiers killed in Orito, Putumayo, as presumed FARC members detonate a bomb next to a military patrol. February 2: FARC guerrillas from the 36th front attack military checkpoint in the Caribbean part of the Antioquia department. As of 29/9 it remained unclear if the guerrillas were from the FARC or ELN. September 17: Two soldiers and one civilian killed in several FARC attacks in Caquetá. • Los Rastrojos Update 31 August 2017On 31 August 2017, FARC renamed itself the "Common Alternative Revolutionary Force" transforming into a legal political party after its disarmament. January 6: One policeman killed as guerrilla fighters from the FARC's Southern Bloc attacked police station in Putumayo, southern Colombia. February 28: One soldier killed and four wounded in FARC offensive in southwest (Putumayo) Colombia. • FARC political hostages, • Illegal drug trade in Colombia May 28: 1 Soldier dies and 4 are injured due to a FARC attack in Buenos Aires, Cauca. • Some politicians, Linked to August 10: Two soldiers die in minefield planted by FARC guerrillas in. December 22: FARC guerrillas belonging to the 34th Front kill a high-ranking police chief in Antioquia. July 7: FARC militias in Cauca launch attack against private property, destroying 7 buildings. July 30: One policeman killed by FARC members armed with pistols near Popayán, Cauca. • ERP May 28: Combat between FARC's 17th Front and the army in the. September 21: Two policemen, one of them a high-ranking police chief, killed in a FARC or ELN attack in Norte de Santander, near Cúcuta. Colombia: How would a peace deal change the country? July 12: FARC attacks police station in Cauca with heavy mortars. The attack took place in Nariño, near the Pacific Coast. June 24: FARC attacks military positions in the location of Puerto Asís in the Putumayo Department, killing 25 and wounding 20 in a single operation, one of the biggest attacks since 2000.

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