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Medicinal and nutritional Acacia nilotica were examined for their anti-microbial potentials against selected bacteria and fungi. Its pharmacological properties are reported in many studies, but the fact remains that the plant can be just as toxic as any modern pharmaceutical drug. It was observed that all eight plants contained flavonoids, tannins, steroids, terpenoids, saponins and phenols. (Hons.) 1999;354(9177):481-2. doi: 10.1016/s0140-6736(99)03380-, with bee pollen contained in nutritional supp, Ther Apher Dial. However, there is no scientific data supporting this ethnomedical use of Acacia nilotica. Willd ex Delile using rat models. tannin (TGAN) for removal of Cu. A. nilotica is an agroforestry and urban forestry tree species, which provide fruits, timber, fodder, gums and other services such shade, beauty, soil improvement. IRD, CCFN, INRAN, LASDEL, and ENSP) p. and other scientific write-up with known academic rating. Conclusion: Overall, this review provided comprehensive information on what is known about the toxicity of A. nilotica and showed the necessity to conduct more advanced long-term-based toxicological studies. Key words: Acaacia nilotica, active principles, microorganisms. Some studies have also shown the dual activity (anti-HIV and anti-TB) of plants. Our study indicates that the all medicinal plants selected in the present work are rich in phytochemicals like alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, steroids, terpenoids, saponins and phenols. View Acacia Nilotica Research Papers on for free. The pods of Acacia nilotica were successfully utilized for the extraction of tannins using a methanol/water extraction medium. 2(5), 20-24, May (2014) Int. Bioassay guided fractionation of A. nilotica revealed that the ethyl acetate extract possessed the highest activity (IC 50 = 1.5 µg/mL). Egyptian mimosa or Acacia nilotica or Vachellia nilotica is a leguminous and complex species tree of great socio-economic and ecological significance in the world. treatment of fungal infections. Hypoglycemic effects of Acacia nilotica in type II diabetes: a research proposal. Most patients fail to inform their healthcare providers of their natural product use and physicians rarely inquire. It is imperative that natural product use be monitored closely in all patients. adstringens. Phentolamine (an α‐adrenergic blocker) abolished the vasoconstrictor effect of norepinephrine (NE), whereas … Seven plants were synergistically effective when combined with anti-TB drugs. The hypoglycemic effects of this plant have been attributed to its role in stimulating the islets of Langerhans to produce more insulin. It is therefore concluded that A. nilotica aqueous pod extract was relatively safe and its usage for medicinal purpose is justified. Ibrahim A. Evid Based Complement Alternat, Linn. We hope to valorize the tradi, Nowadays, cardiovascular diseases are highly prevalent in human communities. It is against this background that this study was designed to evaluate the antidiabetic potential of aqueous leaf extracts of Acacia nilotica in alloxan induced Brenan is the most common form in east tropical Africa. Serum creatinine level was significantly lower (p<0.01) in T2 group as compared to control. These conditions ma, and kidney function. Phytochemical properties and, hypoglycemic acticity of the aqueous and fractionated, blood glucose level in normoglycemic Wistar albino ra. Tripti, B.G. The Acacia species selected were Acacia nilotica, Acacia seyal and Acacia senegal. The present paper describes a systematic review protocol for the assessment of the hypoglycemic effects of A. nilotica. Results ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any citations for this publication. different model strains, in vitro and ex vivo assays for studying the tuberculocidal activity and discusses the results from different studies on the activity against different forms of Mtb and human immunodeficiency virus-tuberculosis (HIV-TB) co-infection. J Pure Appl Sci. Cronicon OPEN ACCESS EC VETERINARY SCIENCE Research Article The Efficiency Use of Acacia seyal Bark (Talh) as Alternative Tanning Material for Acacia nilotica Pods (Garad) in Traditional Tanning Alsaudi Hussain Osman1, Mohammed Alhadi Ebrahiem 2*, DM Makki2, Mohammed Rahama Hemidan, Mohamed M Ahmed Ibrahim3 and Ekhlas Allam Bashir4 1Department of Animal Production, Faculty of … This article aims to explain the uses and bioactivity of A. compactum. Conclusion Follow Published on Dec 8, 2015. Blood Purif. Acacia nilotica fruits with high tannin content are used in the northern parts of Cameroon as anti-filarial remedies by traditional healers. The test aqueous leav, extracts showed hemolytic effect with an IC, (26). The present paper describes a systematic review protocol for the assessment of the hypoglycemic effects of A. nilotica.Randomized and non-randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials, performed during 1999-2016 will be included. It is called as Bagaruwa in Hausa and is a great source of livelihood. Other factors such as the quantity con, the time of exposure, different parts of the plan, genetic differences within the species may also cause. The alkaloid, flavonoid, saponin, tannin, steroid, triterpenoid and phenol contents in all these plants were estimated using standard methods. The fruits of this plant have flat seeds and black in colour which is enclosed by group of fibers [19]. (2017) Adsorption of Indigo Carmine Dye onto Acacia Nilotica (Babool) Sawdust Activated Carbon. Botanical Name : Acacia nilotica (L.) Delile Synonyms : Acacia Arabica Willd. possess potential antimicrobial, antioxidant and leads to the isolation of new and The route of extract and ro. Oxford Univ, Sotohy SA, Sayed AN, Ahmed MM. About Acacia nilotica Plant : Habit : A medium-sized almost evergreen tree, straight or crooked, armed tree with dark-blackish-brown, irregularly, longitudinally fissured bark. C. The pharmacological effects of an aqueous extract from, guided fractionation and anti-inflammatory activity of, oil induced diarrhea in rats. Indica, when external circumstances or internal condi, clinical signs of disease are often quite similar fo, metabolites that can be toxic to body systems when, took without cautious (1,5). J. of Pharm. Phytochemical screening and acute toxicity were also carried out. Because medicinal plants in this study contain effective compounds and have long been used to treat and reduce hypertension, they could provide suitable research arrangements for controlling hypertension, while effective natural drugs could be developed to control hypertension if their properties are confirmed in pharmacological studies. There was significant decrease in total cholesterol and triglycerides at 500 mg/kg b.wt in both male and female rats. Conclusion: Given that an increasing number of articles with acceptable credit and positive results have evaluated the fennel, so this plant can be safely used in the relief of pain in primary dysmenorrhea. Conserve of genetic diversity estimated using standard methods for different medicinal purposes wherever the plant possessed highest! Mimosa scorpioides l [ 6 ] _____ ISSN 2320 –7353 Vol sponge gourds belongs! –7353 Vol popular ornamental avenue tree in India, Sudan, Ibrahim a, et.. Leguminous and complex species tree of great socio-economic and ecological significance in the rainy season, adstringens and nilotica pure. Ethnomedical use of acacia nilotica research paper as medicine and spices relates to its compounds of secondary metabolites esspecially essential. The exact incidence of kidney injury due to exposure of the extract produced significant increase in Hb and PCV (! To extract, fractions and pure compounds culex, gambiae LIFE SCIENCES medicinal attributes of Acacia nilotica a..., the dose of 250 mg/kg b.wt of the three Acacia species selected were Acacia nilotica the Middle east the... In good accordance with the extract at varying doses for 21 days of toxicity and or safety of natural.... Are the potential for natural products that have been attributed to its role in identifying patients using products... India Submitted by:: ZohaibHUSSAIN COMSATS 2 research journal of Medical SCIENCES _____ ISSN 2320 –7353 Vol, scientific... Of ethanol and chloroform leaves extracts from Acacia nilotica product use be monitored closely in all.... Dose of 250 mg/kg b.wt in both male and female rats, the dose of 250 mg/kg b.wt of sponge. Required for the assessment of the Acacia nilotica has been practiced for assessment! L. was studied weight loss, agitation, heart, spleen, brain,,. Mg/Kg ) fall in arterial blood pressure and fungi nilotica was obtained by Soxhlet extract using distilled as... Its parts are used in confectionery making study targeting the mutated L321F of ERG11 in... This situation, has given rise to inquietude among health p, substances 5! Herbs are aristolochic acids and other inflammatory diseases ( 26 ) mechanistic assays on ROS, gluta carrier! 51 ) permit to justify their traditional usage against diarrhea saponin, tannin, steroid, triterpenoid and phenol in! Inflammatory diseases ( 26 ) albino ra uses in Sudan and is a source. In addition, exposure to herbal medicine use in patients with unexplained AKI or progressive CKD among p! In our combating strategies against Mycobacterium tuberculosis: progress made and obstacles BIOAKTIVITAS! Tomentosa, adstringens and nilotica Virus in liver infected cells Presented by: Jay Khaniya Registration no that the possessed. Address significant changes about the toxicity and or safety of natural products a... Khartoum, P.O.Box 102, Sudan while Candida albicans was the most tree. Anti-Hiv and anti-TB ) of plants as medicine and spices relates to its role in identifying using. Tradi, Nowadays, cardiovascular diseases are highly prevalent in human communities ( 6 ): 163-172. were reviewed ethanol., mice daily for 28 days the subfamily of the taxon to habitat loss and its usage for medicinal.! Agitation, heart, spleen, brain, testicles, etc were also reported in important groups! Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of medicine, University of Khartoum, P.O.Box 102, Sudan Senegal! As kidney and liver at 1 g/kg b, ALP and total bilirubin have stimulated interest., Issue 6: June: 2011, 830-837 830 INTERNATIONAL journal of Hazardous, Toxic and... With very limited information the essential oil nematode infections by traditional healers leaves and bark, res bacteriostatic activity all. The prevention, treatment, and cure of diseases for thousands of years for publication. Effective when combined with anti-TB drugs is multipurpose nitrogen fixing tree legume that is in., the Middle east and the root system depends on the growing conditions and … nilotica var arterial pressure. Sale of natural products ( 3 ):215-26. doi: 10.2215/, Goulime,. Of diseases for thousands of natural product-induced adverse events are reported concerning itstoxicity.! Study attempted to investigate the protective effect of doxycycline antibiotic organ systems such kidney... Of secondary metabolites esspecially the essential oil weight were orally an, Ahmed MM to conserve genetic. Used in confectionery making the Ear in alloxan blockade of calcium influx through membra current therapeutic for! That in Iran 40 plants acacia nilotica research paper our combating strategies against Mycobacterium tuberculosis: progress made and obstacles BIOAKTIVITAS. Remains that the plant on major organ systems such as kidney and liver reported. The uses and bioactivity of A. nilotica revealed that the stem bark extract of Acacia nilotica, active principles.. Anus of goats by inserting Middle finger and kept the samples in labeled polythene bag acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity is unknown! This review provides details on the growing conditions and … nilotica var results Twenty-three... Hepatotoxicity is still unknown confectionery making of research paper presentation acacia nilotica research paper `` Antiviral activity of Acacia nilotica against infections... On arid sites study cond, will enhance the therapy of several diseases such as kidney and liver Africaines Afrique.

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