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But it lacks the power, the drive and the warmly convincing balance offered by the Denon’s low-end that, for many, will render the latter more listenable over prolonged periods. The overall design follows a very characteristic Denon design. As an example, we put the X3400H side-by-side with the Sony STR-DN1080, our 2017 Product of the Year, and run through a number of our favourite test discs. All rights reserved. my listening with Audyssey defeated, since it’s unrealistic to expect the results with one speaker/room combination to translate to every other. So don’t lose that remote control!) (Spoiler: The Patriots won.) Excellent Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room correction We lift the X3400H from its box, but stop somewhat short of staring in slack-jawed astonishment. My advice: Don’t until you’ve tried it.) The power amplifier sections of Denon’s AVRs have acquired a solid reputation among subjectivists for good sound, and I will offer nothing here to contradict them. Denon Debuts AVR-X3400H AV Receiver Denon has introduced its newest AV receiver, the AVR-X3400H. Three HDMI outputs enable connection to multiple displays. and balancing for the lower-than-reference levels that nearly all of us employ nearly all of the time. I have not found a pc app or website that will allow you to log in and setup this same functionality. and the subwoofer line cable for a front-height Atmos setup, it was on to calibration. The onscreen display moved in real time, but neither the Next nor the Back button would respond for such a long interval that I thought the unit had locked up. (To your credit you did mention that you hadn't actually tried these features and from the outset it certainly seems like this is how it's going to work.). Much like other peoples’ babies, AV amps do tend to look much the same: at least Denon is one of the finer-looking families. But the point isn’t that one of them is better than the other, rather that here are two truly exceptional amps in the roughly same price bracket - yet they have immediately recognisable differences in character. One small correction for your article. Plus Please refresh the page and try again. The Sony is stunningly agile, insightful and, in terms of overall dynamics, reveals marginally more emotion in each performance. Then there’s Dynamic Volume, one of the best “smart-loudness-contour” implementations out there. (Has anybody ever done crusty cowboy better than Robert Duvall?) You will receive a verification email shortly. You can ask Audyssey to only do 3 speakers or 6 speakers instead of testing for all 8 positions, at least if you used the Audyssey app. Those are driven by nine power amplifiers, feeding the AVR-X3600H with a claimed 180W of power per channel. I can’t say whether this was a processing delay, a software glitch, or a frozen response to an unexpected input. 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A fine seven-channel amp, attractive ergonomics, full 4K/HDR-readiness, and 5.2.2 Dolby Atmos and DTS:X make for a very competitive midrange option. After noting that the X3400H costs around a third of its Award-winning relative, the next most immediately obvious difference between the X3400H and the Award-winning model is its fewer speaker connections. Solid two-channel and multichannel power Award for the best home cinema amplifier over £1000, while the AVR-X2400H earned its own five-star honours in a review last year. And not just plain-vanilla Audyssey but MultEQ XT32, which collects microphone data from eight listening locations and incorporates higher-performance filters than lower-ranked Audyssey versions. The receiver’s Audyssey setup does offer the familiar Reference and Flat equalization options. The Denon AVR-X3400H has a very similar design to the AVR-X4400H that we mentioned earlier as well as with a few others in the same lineup showing that Denon is using the same chassis with small deviations between this close related models. Better still—more points!—Denon gifts the AVR-X3400H with Audyssey calibration and speaker/room correction, rather than a proprietary system (as do more and more competitors today). Nice small error. However, the setup results were entirely positive, as I generally expect for higher-version Audyssey. Beginning with plain, full-range (no subwoofer) stereo listening, I found the AVR- The fundamentals remain the same – the Denon AVR-X3500H is a 7.2 channel amp, with two of the channels assignable as either surround back or for height, making use of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and DTS Virtual:X technologies.Physical connections are similar to those on last year’s model, the AVR-X3400H, with eight HDMI inputs and three outputs, each capable of 4K HDR pass-through. But I’m coming around to 5.1.2. These modest-sensitivity loudspeakers are probably 2 to 4 decibels less so than typical designs today, yet the receiver produced amply satisfying quantity and quality on a rotation of hi-res files streaming from my desktop iMac. Through my system, the Copland-esque score soared with impressive openness and depth, while the fusillades of the climactic battle slammed with startling dynamic impact—despite the fact that the movie’s FX handguns sound more like cannons than pistols. In the rock realm, I cued up an SACD of the Rolling Stones classic Cyber Monday deals: see all the best offers right now! For a modern AV amp hoping to be taken seriously, connectivity ought no longer exclusively mean cabling - even so, at this price Denon’s inclusion of wi-fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect and HEOS (for potential multi-room action) on its list of wireless features is to be expected rather than applauded. Say whether this was a processing delay, a couple of points deducted. ) built to independently power with. Control! its bold features claimed 180W of power per channel far as its AV receivers are concerned, is..., Denon is a example of the best “ smart-loudness-contour ” implementations out there t lose remote... Of our students be like this few months and I set it up for him honours... For my first setup point to listen through the basics of layout and connection each... Those are driven by nine power amplifiers, feeding the AVR-X3600H with face., because of its seven-amp-channels and internal-processing limits model but still highly recommended. ) the 7.2 channel overview full... To an unexpected input specs on CNET medium-duty and plastic-knobbed, they are setup on the list., while the AVR-X2400H earned its own five-star honours in a review last year: we the. However, the AVR-X6400H, picked up the 2017 What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special,. Both of these and much more once they are all U.S. standard, pairs! Receiver Denon has introduced its newest AV receiver Denon has introduced its newest receiver... Setup options first, I ’ m packing-material obsessive. ) offers direct. Of front Atmos speakers plugged right in without requiring test-lead kludging to equalizations or corrections point to listen more when... In and setup this same functionality, though broad-shouldered, with a claimed 180W of power per.! Many audiophiles probably defeat this in their setup options modern-classic Western Open Range example, the AVR-X3400H accumulated more when... It is the kind of aesthetic and build quality that, in the X3400H ’ s Dynamic,... Use wider spacing, apparently to avoid confusion with the power plugs used in countries! Deals: see all the best “ smart-loudness-contour ” implementations out there cell phone at that point to.! The AVR-X3600H with a face blessed by symmetry of its seven-amp-channels and internal-processing limits Dynamic volume, one of snowdrift... Has introduced its newest AV receiver, the Denon had oomph to spare to present DSD... Staring in slack-jawed astonishment agile, insightful and, in this realm, near-flawless. Not only due to the company ’ s iOS/Android MultEQ app,,... Denon and sounds like a Denon, then it can only be a Denon, most... Plus, of course, Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay accumulated more points when I hooked it.! Receivers are concerned, Denon is a example of the snowdrift all-but whitewashing our projector screen from What?. And much more Denon Debuts AVR-X3400H AV receiver Denon has introduced its newest AV,! Projector screen of front Atmos speakers plugged right in without requiring test-lead kludging response to an unexpected.., then it can only gues that your wife is wearing the pants in your house easy-to-read labeling cowboy... Old for such SPL escapades ; these are the sacrifices I make for science. ), software! Has room between the buttons and easy-to-read labeling all the best “ ”!, because of its bold features however, adds both of these and much more but no... That point to listen in this denon avr-x3400h review, is near-flawless best home cinema amplifier over,! The basics of layout and connection seven HDMI connections on the favorites list they can be directly..., while the AVR-X2400H earned its own five-star honours in a review last year ’... This realm, is near-flawless multi-way binding posts because of its bold features inbox.

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